The letterman jacket has become a mainstay in modern culture. This may be largely due to its use in film. Wardrobe is chosen very carefully for each actor, and each article of clothing means something. The Letterman as seen in the movies is typically donned by athletic high school boys getting ready to pass into adulthood. This article will talk about a few memorable movies (or TV shows) featuring Letterman jackets.

The Breakfast Club

In this classic film Andrew Clark represents the Letterman. Andrew is a stereotypical jock, so it makes sense that he would own a varsity jacket. Although he starts the movie as a jerk, Andrew has a redemption arc which ultimately leaves him well adjusted and confident. If the Letterman does symbolize boys passing into adulthood than Andrew is the poster boy for this change.

Teen Wolf

Surprise! Another movie featuring an athletic teenager! While Scott Howard learns to use his “teen wolf” abilities to help his basketball team he sports a Letterman jacket. Much like Andrew Clark is “The Breakfast Club” Scott experiences character development through the movie pushing him to believe in himself and his abilities. Again, the letterman seems to be a feature of a boy passing into adulthood.


More recently the Letterman has been featured in the popular Netflix series “Riverdale”. One of the protagonists, Archie, dons the varsity jacket alongside a few of the shows side characters. It should come as no surprise that Archie is athletic and holds a spot on the Riverdale High football team. Although the show is only in its second season Archie echoes the trope of a boy passing into adulthood. Unlike Andrew or Scott, Archie is thrust into adulthood by the ominous events occurring in his hometown. He takes up a lot of responsibility as a “protector” throughout the show, and as a leader to the rest of the less mature Letterman clad football team.

Baby Driver

Like “Riverdale” “Baby Driver” is not an 80’s film. Interestingly however, this film is not designed to be a nostalgic throwback like “Riverdale” was. Baby (the protagonist) sports his blue and white Letterman throughout the film. Baby also breaks the mold by being the first on the list that is not necessarily an athlete. He is however, a young man experiencing a transitory period in his life. Baby is struggling to leave behind his criminal past. Although this movie breaks the established mold in several ways Baby still acts as a young man, learning to become a responsible and independent adult.  

Some other favorites of ours include Beverly Hills Cop and Friday Night Lights!

The Letterman jacket is a classic style. “The Breakfast Club” and “Teen Wolf” are both hits from the 80’s, and although “Riverdale” is contemporary it is reminiscent of the 80’s in many ways. Wearing a Letterman is a great way to complete a vintage look. Even if you’re not interested in looking like an 80’s film protagonist “Baby Driver” makes it clear that the Letterman still looks great, and as we’ve learned from the movies, it’s a great look for young adults moving into adulthood.

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