(a division of CVC Sports, Inc. - located in Loomis, CA - a suburb of Sacramento) has been in business for over 40 years. We are an industry leader in delivering the highest quality sports apparel. From the Orlando Magic, Sacramento Kings, and the Houston Rockets, to your high school letterman jacket, we serve big and small. We have also done custom varsity jackets for actors and music artists like Snoop Dogg and Gucci Mane! Our success is founded on years of excellent service and we have built upon our stellar reputation by developing and delivering the worlds most advanced varsity jacket building software available to date.

Thousands of students around the country create their custom letterman jackets on our site each month. We believe that a varsity jacket should tell a story about your high school experience. That's why we've created a site that allows you to design your very own. Everything from the jacket style and colors, to the buttons, to the custom design on the back of the jacket, can be fully customized by you! So if you are in the market for a varsity jacket, and you want to be a little different than everyone else and have some custom designs on the back, start designing your jacket on our site now! We have recently added letterman sweaters to the list of custom apparel that we do. And we also do custom embroidery and screen printing work!

If you're part of a high school sports team or club and want to get multiple jackets, let us know. We do special deals for larger groups that will not only benefit you but will also benefit your school's athletic program! We also do varsity jackets for companies. We have done company jackets for State Farm and many, many others. We typically put the employee's name on the front chest, and the company logo on the other side of the front chest, or in the middle of the back. We can also embroider company mottos or retreat themes. We can customize them to your desire! We have a library featuring thousands and thousands of custom jacket back designs. But if you don't find something you love then feel free to send us an email explaining to us what you want your letterman jacket to look like and we will give you a quote on the price.

Our Return Policy is simple!

  1. All returns of blank (non-decorated) jackets are subject to a $25 restocking fee and must be returned within 10 days. Claims for damaged or defective jackets must be made within 10 days of receipt of the jackets.
  2. If decorated jackets have been incorrectly/improperly personalized, our Customer Support Team must be notified immediately so that appropriate adjustments or corrective action can be taken.
  3. Worn or altered garments are not returnable. Therefore, it's especially important that jackets are inspected upon receipt. Please call us prior to returning/exchanging an item.
  4. We ship our custom varsity jackets worldwide. Shipping prices vary depending on how many jackets you order and where you live. We are based out of Loomis, California, so you can calculate the shipping price accordingly. Also, if there are any extra taxes or border fees for the jackets those are payable by you.

We look forward to bringing our excellent service to you!