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Our Process

  1. Create your jacket on the website and pay to complete the order.
  2. We then send a virtual mock up for you to look at. You compare the picture on the left, with the wording on the right to make sure all is correct. You respond with approval or you make ANY changes that you would like. Before we begin creating the garment, we both confirm everything. (Note: If you made ALL WRONG CHOICES on the website when ordering, this is the time to change ANYTHING. So don’t be nervous when ordering!)
  3. We then place the order for the custom jacket with our factory.
  4. We begin creating patches and digitizing artwork that will be placed on the garment when it arrives at our shop.
  5. Shipping time tends to be around 6 weeks. Plain jackets with no customization are sooner. Remember, This is a custom jacket that doesn’t even exist until we start cutting and sewing!