letterman sweaters

Letterman sweaters came before letterman jackets. The word "letterman" comes from the letter that is awarded to the student/athlete for an accomplishment in school or sports. Over the past few decades letterman jackets have grown drastically in popularity. But over the past year or two letterman sweaters have come back into style. They are a good choice for people that live in areas where it is never quite cold enough to wear letterman jackets like southern California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, etc. The level of customization that can be done on sweaters has traditionally been lower than that of jackets due to the thinner material. But with advances in both material quality and embroidery, letterman sweaters can now be fully custom made. So you can get your letter patch on the front, your name embroidered on the front, and a custom design stitched on the back. And letterman sweaters are usually cheaper than letterman jackets. So if you're interested in buying a sweater, contact us today!