The early traces of varsity jackets began way back in 1865 at Harvard University. The school's baseball team added the letter 'H' to the front chest of a flannel shirt. Harvard's football team started using the letter 'H' about ten years later. For the next twenty-five years or so the only person that was allowed to wear the letter on their jersey was the team's captain. Then the school began to award jerseys with the letter 'H' on them to players that made important plays or participated in significant games.

The first evidence of a letter on a varsity jacket for a high school team was seen in a yearbook at Phoenix Union High School in Arizona. Since then, the popularity of varsity jackets has steadily grown to the current time and now thousands of people around the country purchase custom varsity jackets every day! If you are interested in designing your own custom varsity jacket or varsity jacket patches then go to now!