Custom Super Bowl Varsity Jackets

The Super Bowl is in just 5 days!!! It's going to be a great game! Two historic franchises, the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, meet for what should be a memorable day. Who are you rooting for?! We don't have a dog in the fight, but we think the Steelers are going to win in a close one. And what better way to enjoy the game and the commercials than by wearing some custom letterman jackets from your favorite football team?! We can do any jacket from any team in the NFL.

Custom Sports Jackets

For those of you who don't know - we can do all sorts of custom sports jackets in addition to letterman jackets! So do you want a jacket with the colors of your favorite sports team? Maybe you want a nice New Orleans Saints sports jacket - we've done that. Want a custom New York Knicks leather jacket? We've done that. Want a Pittsburgh Steelers sports jacket, a Lakers jacket, or a Packers jacket?! We can do it all! So let us know what you want, and we will make it happen!

We work with the NBA, celebrities, rappers, and YOU!!

At, we work with everyone! We work with several different NBA teams (the Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets, and more), we've done jackets for celebrities and rappers as well. But what we specialize in the most is doing custom letterman jackets for high school athletes! And that is what we love doing. Every jacket is different. It's great to see how each student likes to customize his or her own jacket to be like no other. If you haven't got your jacket yet, now is the time!

Happy New Year from the Custom Letterman Jacket Capital of the World!

We hope you all had a safe, fun night last night! Kick off the new year right by making some great resolutions and sticking to them! We have a lot in store for you all this year. We will be adding hundreds of new custom jacket back designs so you can make your varsity jackets look even cooler. We will also be making our jacket builder better as well as some other website improvements. And if there's something you think we should do, let us know!

High School Sports Top 25 Blog

Pretty soon we will be starting a High School Sports Top 25 Blog on our site. On this blog we will highlight the top players and teams from around the country each week. We hope that you will turn to this blog to learn more about the best in high school sports! And hopefully you will be featured in one of our posts!

Custom Letterman Jackets for Christmas!

Great news - we can still get you your custom letterman jackets in time for Christmas! If that's what you want, order soon. We can only guarantee delivery for Christmas for about one more week! And when you are creating your varsity jacket, make sure to look through all the custom jacket back designs we offer on our website! Check out the gallery to see how they look on our customers' jackets - they are amazing!

Social Toolbar On Our Site Makes it Easier to Share Us With Your Friends!

We just added a social toolbar to our site that makes it a lot easier to spread the word about our custom varsity jackets with your friends! You can let everyone know with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and email! You can also check out our videos on YouTube! Now go use it and tell your friends about our custom letterman jacket designs!

Black Friday Sale on Custom Varsity Jackets!

Make sure to visit our website this Friday for a fantastic Black Friday sale on our finest custom letterman jackets! We are doing a deal where you can get any custom jacket back design of ours for 50% off! Just reference this blog entry when placing the order and you will get the discount!

We are also doing a deal where if you refer a friend to us that purchases a custom varsity jacket by this Monday, November 29th, you will get another $50 off your jacket!

Custom Varsity Jacket Designs

A lot of people come to our website and have a blast customizing their own custom varsity jackets. But many of them forget to add a custom jacket back design to their items. We have the finest jacket designs in the country. They are award-winning. Check out the jackets in our gallery for examples! They are so great that many of our competitors resort to stealing them without our permission. We have hundreds of designs on our site and thousands more that we still have to upload. And if you can't find something you love, let us know! We will make you something special if you so desire.

Custom Letterman Jackets for the Holidays

The date has passed for you to order a custom letterman jacket and have it arrive in time for Christmas, unless you want to pay an extra fee to do so. But do not worry! We still offer the best custom jacket apparel on the internet and we will do everything we can to go above and beyond for you with your orders.