2011 High School Football Team Rankings

On our sports blog (which you can access from the homepage), we just added the list of the top 25 high school football teams in the country. Check the post to see if your team made the list! And since the season is underway, it's time to start placing orders for your custom letterman jackets! So visit http://buildyourjacket.com/jacketbuilder and start creating your own today!

Letterman Sweaters

Letterman sweaters came before letterman jackets. The word "letterman" comes from the letter that is awarded to the student/athlete for an accomplishment in school or sports. Over the past few decades letterman jackets have grown drastically in popularity. But over the past year or two letterman sweaters have come back into style. They are a good choice for people that live in areas where it is never quite cold enough to wear letterman jackets like southern California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, etc.

How to Design Your Own Letterman Jackets

Designing and customizing your own letterman jackets is where its at these days. Gone are the times when everyone has the same matching jackets at school. Custom varsity jackets are a nice way to stand out from the crowd and show off your achievements. So if you want to build your own, here is how:

First, go to http://buildyourjacket.com/jacketbuilder - this is where you will be making your jacket.

2011 High School Football Season

The 2011 high school football season is just around the corner! All the teams are most certainly practicing hard every day to prepare for the upcoming season. Hopefully the season will be full of glory and victories! If you play varsity football, you probably will be receiving a varsity letter. And the best thing about that? You get to put that varsity letter on a custom letterman jacket. That is where we come in. We have the most spectacular letterman jackets in the country!

What Custom Design Are We Missing?

We have literally thousands and thousands of custom jacket back designs, and we are adding to our library constantly as we make new designs for customers. We specialize in doing designs for sports like football, basketball, baseball, and wrestling. But we can do anything. Are there any types of designs that you would like us to add to our portfolio? We want you to be able to have the nicest letterman jackets as possible! And if you want to design your own, go to http://buildyourjacket.com/jacketgallery now!

Custom Wedding Napkins

As you surely know, we specialize in custom varsity jackets. But here at BuildYourJacket.com, we work with all sorts of custom apparel. We have recently done a few orders for custom wedding napkins. Weddings are (sometimes) a once in a lifetime experience. People like to spend some money and make the experience extra special. If you are looking to get some wedding napkins for your wedding, let us know. We can embroider some samples and send them to you.

Sacramento Kings are staying for another year!

Since we are based in a suburb of Sacramento, we have come to know the NBA's Sacramento Kings very well. We actually do all of their jerseys and towels for the players. Needless to say, we love the Kings. Things have been hectic lately surrounding their potential relocation to Anaheim. But today they announced that they are officially staying in Sacramento for another season! We are extremely happy about this! The NBA also announced that they are sending representatives to Sacramento to help negotiate a deal for a new arena so the Kings can stay here long term.

New Letterman Jacket Hoodie Styles

We are pleased to announce that we now sell custom letterman jackets with hoodies! So if you want one it will be an extra $20, but it would definitely be worth it! And if you haven't had a chance to customize your own varsity jacket, then go to http://buildyourjacket.com/jacketbuilder and create yours now!

Snoop Dogg - Custom Letterman Jackets

So we've done orders for P. Diddy and Gucci Mane. But now we just received an order from Snoop Dogg!!! He ordered 10 jackets from us. They are going to look pretty clean. We'll definitely post pictures once we've finished the jackets. But it just goes to show that everybody comes to us for all their custom varsity jackets!

Custom Leather Jackets and Sports Jackets

At BuildYourJacket.com, we specialize in custom varsity jackets. But we also do custom leather jackets and sports jackets, as well as all types of custom school sweaters. We have thousands and thousands of custom embroidery designs that we have developed and if we don't have something you like, we can make it. We have worked with many celebrities and sports stars and have experience doing all types of custom apparel. If you want something unique then chances are we can do it. Email us at info [at] buildyourjacket [dot] com or call us at 916-660-1618 with any questions!